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Medical IT Support

The medical industry, which incorporates hospitals, tele-medicine, medical tourism, medical devices, medical equipments, clinical trials and medical insurance, is the largest industry in the world. Both in terms of value and cost, healthcare industry is almost 3 times greater than the banking sector. It is growing at a very fast pace due to which  governments, insurers, consumers and health care delivery systems are facing a lot of pressure. These pressures are pushing the stakeholders to create more innovative high technology solutions.

The main focus of the healthcare industry is on quality outcomes, accountability and affordability. Therefore all the players in the healthcare ecosystem need to re-examine their healthcare models. A robust system for delivering healthcare products and services is very crucial for high quality and cost effective care.

Medical future predictions

Rise in life expectancy

There will be a serious increase in the number of older population and the baby boomers. With improved and effective treatment of chronic diseases, patients will live longer. It is anticipated that life expectancy will rise from 72.6 in 2012 to 73.7 by 2017.

More technology

The armamentarium and information available to the clinicians will perhaps increase in the near future with more technologies. Genetic fingerprinting or DNA chip technology will improve risk management to a great extent. Life expectancy will improve with the knowledge of the risk. Electronic technology will help improve efficiency.

Medical cost will rise

Healthcare cost will increase due to more efficient billing and more effective care models. Business and governments will ask people to pay more for their health insurance.

Uninsured will increase

Due to rise in healthcare cost, the employers will try to reduce their cost by lessening coverage. It will be difficult for people to afford even the basic health insurance as the premiums continue to increase. Thus the number of uninsured will definitely increase.

Due to continuous change in the rules & regulation, the healthcare industry is also changing at a very fast pace. Revolution in mobile industry has  facilitated huge opportunity for healthcare industry & services by making it more efficient & cost effective.

Over the past years, FLYONIT has been providing end to end solutions to the healthcare industry by introducing innovative solutions to the industrial problems.

We Provide Solutions for:

  • Hospitals
  • Governments and insurers
  • Community pharmacy
  • GP’s
  • Consumer
  • Aged and community care


Patient Management:

  • Online Appointment by patient
  • View of online schedule of the clinic – patient can check the available date/slot/time/doctor name etc.
  • Online payment gateway integration in your Site.
  • Notification process – Patient will get acknowledgement mail/sms after successful appointment.
  • After the treatment, patient will get the report & next date of appointment through mail.
  • Review & Rating system by the patient.

Admin Management:

  • Site content, text/image will be managed by the business owner.
  • Set up of online schedule for appointment purpose, also will be managed from the back end section.
  • Configure holiday list & will be assigned with the schedule calendar.
  • Tracking patient history.
  • Tracking appointment history (payment transaction history).
  • Online voucher will be generated & will be sent to patient.

Doctor Management:

  • Prescription generation of the patient
  • Instructions will be given to the Lab department
  • Online appointment calendar will be updated.
  • Treatment cost will be managed from doctor panel.

Some other services includes:

  • We provide digital services and products which can help you to manage your business in a better and smarter way.
  • We provide electronic services for prescription security and patient confidentiality.
  • We provide quality investigator tools for better patient outcomes with data.

We support the Australian healthcare system by :

  • Admissions

We help to reduce aged care admissions.

  • Connectivity

Regardless of locations, we help to increase access to healthcare.

  • Pharmacy

We help to create convenient, safer and more efficient pharmacy system.

  • Efficiency

We help to improve the efficiency of Australian healthcare system.


FLYONIT helps medical organizations such as hospitals, pharmacy, speciality clinics, health insurance companies etc. to take advantage of effective mobility solutions which help the organizations to step towards patient centric approach.

We offer Medical IT services in Western suburbs of Melbourne including Laverton, Werribee, Point Cook, Altona, Williamstown, Hoppers Crossing, Tarneit, Derrimut, Altona Meadows, Geelong, Ballarat, Bendigo, Newport, Spotswood and surrounding areas.

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