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Case study Storage Craft Cloud Backup for O365

Case study Storage Craft Cloud Backup for O365


Sweet Real Estate Simplifies and Cuts Expenses Moving to Office 365

By working with Pro-Exchange 2007, Systems Analyst Tina Garciana wanted a reliable and streamlined solution for the Sweet Real Estate’s 35 users that don’t need constant updates.

The non-profit plans to add various shared and individual mailboxes in the future, so Tina thought to Office 365 to make easy this system moving onward.

Office 365 provides other different business advantages for the increasing non-profit that make it a choosing option, included with-

  • Advanced safety and security options
  • Consolidated and streamlined scheduling and email
  • Decreased expenses connected with maintaining and hosting exchange
  • Developed distinctive collaboration throughout the company
  • Automated configuration of Skype for Business or Outlook


To adopt the suited migration process for Sweet Real Estate safe and security transfer the company’s data storage, Tina required a cloud migration expert that had a proven track record migration of .

After a business collaboration suggested Agile IT, Tina meet with the Agile team to talk the non-profit’s business requirements. And then, Agile IT finalised that an Exchange on migration to Office 365 did the most effective job.


With Agile IT’s two months of post migration video training and support, Tina and her team are able to get the help they required to exchange to leverage the productivity enhancing features and Office 365 of the process.

To take an example, Sweet Real Estate showed a problem selective user that required to be assigned to shared group mailbox. Tina reach out to his expected Agile IT expert who resolved and responded to the issues by taking couple of hours.

“Any time of the working day I required to email or call, they were very fast to take respond,” Tina said.

By the Agile Ascend process of migration, Agile technology migrated all mailbox in Sweet Real Estate on premises Exchange company, worldwide mail distribution and contact groups to deliver via online in a short migration batch. Weekly project development meeting allowed Agile IT and Tina keep the migration project moving and to share valuable information about the project.

By logging out general migration problems at the time of planning process that can generally operate the project, Agile IT helped the non-profit avoid common missteps and set expectations of the organisation. However, Tina knows small issues was common with data exchange in projects, her main goal was detecting those issues on time in when all component was perfectly configured.


Migration to Office 365 offered advantages for both the Sweet Real Estate and users IT support providers. Though clients had been adjusting to the way Exchange 2007 operations, they were easily taken up the Office 365 interface once they considered to begin using it regularly and training the videos.

Finally, Sweet Real Estate also achieved features that could increase overall process productivity:

  • Delegated & shared mailbox: Expected users could search content and access data within exchanged mailbox.
  • Dynamic access: Team members can use mobile web-based apps for accessing Office 365, included with on to go.
  • Simple archive recover: Sweet Real Estate IT team is able to access the archives through utilize the search ability and Outlook of Web-based App for huge data search.
  • Access ability: Office 365 provides clients the benefits safely and easily sync and share the documents and files.
  • Enhancing the collaboration: IT professionals are able to host online meetings easily and sharing presentation contents to bolster productivity and collaboration.

From a safety and security viewpoint, moving organisation data to Office 365 also enabled the Sweet Real Estate to consolidate Microsoft’s industry-oriented safety and security.

According to the experts, Cloud Backup for O365 is mainly under Microsoft and their mailing security process is very updated than what organisation using now.

Now, completely migrated, Tina see forward to use other solutions with Office 365 such as Skype for Business or SharePoint that is also helpful to consolidate to keep the team competitive and proper communication.

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