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Digital Transformation is key to engage client

FLYONIT offers a path to transform Communications Services Providers (CSPs) into Digital Service Providers (DSPs) that offer higher-value solutions with superior performance, safety, user control, and client engagement.


Experience & Proficiency:


Worked with Telecommunications providers around the world

  • Accelerate time-to-market, deliver enterprise-wide product
    FLYONIT assists big organizations to drive their digital transformations with an enterprise-grade Agile planning solution. Specially, we assist enterprises to scale agile across the organization, arrange business planning and IT implementation, and foster invention.    
  • Increase revenues and drive competitive advantage
    Our Cloud PLM brings a digital thread of product and Internet of Things (IoT) data to drive quicker, high-quality invention and align your new product development and introduction with your sustainability and development objectives.

Partner with communications service providers (CSPs) to offer IoT services

  • Engaging Clients in A Multi-Screen World
    Being a Top Enterprise App Development Company, our dedicated enterprise application development team assists clients in arranging and organizing simply manageable enterprise applications.
  • Increase client devotion by better understanding client requirements and actions
    We deliver best in class client service that makes clients happy. When it comes to ordering management system — we’re one of the bests. With FLYONIT Order Management, business users have the skill to build their dashboards and action panels; therefore they have complete control over order operations, without depending on IT.

Help increase average revenue per operator, increase client engagement and asset management, decrease costs and understand new revenue

  • Network optimization and service assurance
    We develop custom mobile for workforce management solutions according to the enterprise requirements. We offer endwise control of business operations, from setting up tasks following client requirements to assessing and optimizing performance.
  • Build mobile networks at a low price
    We assist operators to build mobile networks with a wide range of service capabilities for 5G in 2021 and quickly grab new commercial opportunities at a low price.