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Case Study Enterprise Mobility Suite Promote Service Quality for AR School

Case Study Enterprise Mobility Suite Promote Service Quality for AR School


AR School is a primary school in Aircraft, Victoria, Australia with 800 regular students, teachers and staffs in main campus. Last year the institution migrated to Office 365 for business productivity, phone system and email communication, the school authority understood it needed an intensive communication solution for employee-owned managing devices. The school looked to the Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite and Agile IT to provide a combined mobile and email communication solution.


With 25 users working from their home, across campus and off-site, its IT Department facing different issues with online productivity, phoning and sending mail. IPads, mobile phones and Laptops consisted of half the school’s devices, but there were no options to manage those devices from remote area. So, staffs could only see complexity on different business applications from a network computer.

System analysts needed a way to differentiate what staffs could do and couldn’t do within business communication devices on their personal tools.

The authority looking for a safe, secure and user-friendly nonstop service for mobile phone devices. After comparing with other providers such as Cisco Meraki is effective to the Enterprise Dynamic Suite which is best matched with the company’s long-run cloud vision.

Business Solution

To meet with the company’s requirements, compliance and reducing relevant risks, the system administration team select the AD Premium version Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite for its mobile communication solution and compliance.

As we know, Microsoft EMS offer a conclusive solution for mobile device communication and email management between employee and company owned devices. It is consisting of some important features and those are described below:

  • Managed Intune Devices and Apps: Intune is enabling mobile applications and devices management
  • Azure AD Premium Unified Identity: Synchronised on-premised Inactive Directory with cloud-based Active Directory to promote a single code and reducing the desire for multiple passwords of the system
  • Azure Rights Management Data Protection: Controlling who can open, see edit and read the documents on a depth level by assigning permissions and rights.

AR School had co-partnered to Agile networking for an effective Office 365 migration only one year before, so operating with cloud experts’ thoughts like the specific choice. As per we know, to work with Agile IT, the way of contact quality and time of work is perfect.

By deploying Agile IT with EMS, the school system is able to:

  • Protecting data through SharePoint, Office Documents and Exchange
  • Enabling safe and secure internal and external access point to combine whole business systems
  • Allowing clients to reset their own passwords for Office 365 facilities and services
  • Building a proof of assist and concept deploying of Windows Intune process
  • Improving applications performance, security and speed
  • Reducing costs related to host critical business applications onsite Benefits


By allowing users to reset expiring or forgotten Active Directory passwords securely from any browser, Woodside reduced support requests and enabled users to be productive, faster.

Now, employees have the option of self-service password reset to help manage their own devices without the need for Aircraft Rudimentary School IT resources.

To enable self-service password reset, Agile IT worked with school to:

  • Add two-way sync to Active Directory using Azure AD Sync
  • Configure a Password Reset Policy
  • Configure User Registration Portal Policies
  • Configure User Password Reset Portal
  • Provide training for managing and reporting on self-service password reset

Since transition of Microsoft EMS system, the most important advantage has been the tool management itself. Therefore, that doesn’t stop at mobile communication. The managing capabilities also extended to desktop, including the capability to do computer self-service, manage accounts and reset passwords from the cloud to Intune.


Only a month in, the IT operation team has already found great savings in resources and time by using EMS. EMS is highly helpful to save AR School to put servers on every building on the campus, replacing costly operation and infrastructure, hosting critical business applications and working to request on service onsite. Over the time, this measure will savings from EMS and the system continue to grow.

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