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  • ClubsNSW Data Breach..


    Massive Data Breach in Australia  A massive data breach has rocked Australia, ...

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  • AT&T’s Da..


    In the world of telecommunications, trust is paramount. Companies hold not only ...

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  • FLYONIT Pty Ltd. Ranks Second in "Best Graphic Design Firms" by Pandia

    Celebrating Success:..


    In the bustling world of graphic design, recognition is not merely a badge of ho...

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  • McDonald’s Global Outage Australia

    McDonald’s Global ..


    Today where everything is digitally driven, a sudden technological glitch can br...

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  • Anant Ambani's Pre-wedding ceremony

    Beyond Limits: FLYON..


    In recent headlines, the extravagant pre-wedding festivities of Anant Ambani, so...

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  • Largest Data Breach in Microsoft Azure

    Largest Data Breach ..


    In an unprecedented turn of events, Microsoft Azure, the cloud computing platfor...

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  • Our CEO Mr. Mahesh G..



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  • Techbehemoths Awards 2023

    Techbehemoths Awards..


    In a spectacular triumph, FLYONIT, emerged victorious at the prestigious TechBeh...

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  • Top 7 Emerging Cybersecurity Trends in Australia in 2024

    Top 7 Emerging Cyber..


    In a time when technological progress surpasses our capacity to keep up, the dom...

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  • Optus Outage

    Australian Network D..


    On Wednesday, millions of Australians faced a communication nightmare as a wides...

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  • Cyber Security Assessment Tool

    FLYONIT Provides Cyb..


    Nobody can ignore the fact that today information is currency. Naturally, cybers...

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  • Westpac Faces Legal Action

    Westpac Faces Legal ..


    Westpac Faces Legal Action The Australian multinational banking and financial s...

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  • Finalists of Wyndham Business Awards 2023

    Celebrating the Fina..


    The , known for its thriving local business community, is all set to honor the v...

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  • Wyndham Business Awards 2023

    Wyndham Business Awa..


    The , a prestigious initiative by the Wyndham City Council, is set to celebrate ...

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  • Microsoft Cloud pricing globally

    Microsoft’s Tr..


    Cloud services have become the backbone of modern businesses, enabling organizat...

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