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The Big Picture Process ©

1) Outlining

We discuss the customer’s long term goals, 3-5 year plan, targeted audience, budget and current situation.
We bring our expertise, resources and experience in the big picture, so that the customer can see the bigger picture and a good ROI (Return on Investment).

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The Big Picture Process ©

2) Formulating

Second step is to work on the ideas exchanged.

Our team comes up with mock-up, site audit and estimated quotation depending on the products and services needed by the customer.

In case of IT services and hardware/software solutions, site auditing has to be done and plans are formulated to arrange an audit.

In case of digital marketing and web/app development we come up with a mock-up and an estimated quotation.

3) Review & Finalize

This leads us to our third stage which is review and finalize.

We create a proposal and action plan and sit with the client to go through the proposal and explain the proposal.

Once the proposal is reviewed and approved, we sign the proposal and start the project.

Resources are allocated to the project, with project milestones and deadlines, ensuring that we deliver on time and within budget.

4) Delivery

Our project team will provide a practical session for the user to create a flow of understanding for the new environment.

With this we deliver the customer full satisfaction and value for money and experience.

Our offerings extend further to frequent and ongoing support for which we have a range of maintenance options.

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