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Whilst it is a challenging time for businesses of all shapes and sizes, there are still reasons for celebrations to be found in every industry and sector.

The finalists of the 2020 India Australia Business & Community Awards Small Business of the Year have revealed this morning and the program’s coordinators honored India-Australia businesses for their resilience, agility, and invention, despite being encountered with untold financial and logistic challenges as a result of COVID-19.

We are so happy to declare that our organization FLYONIT has been named as finalists in the IABCA Small Business of the Year category for 2020. We are so grateful for achieving the finalists’ position.

The IABCA is the most inclusive business awards program covering a wide variety of industries. IABCA is brain child of Sonia Sadiq Gandhi, Paul Harris Fellow, Australia Day Ambassador 2018 I 2019 I 2020, Board Member Multicultural NSW Government and Director of Gandhi Creations. It also aims to celebrate the India-Australia relationship while at the same time contributing to its growth.

With almost 300 entrances received, the finalists were determined by IABCA Advisory and their National Panel of Experts. Entrants were required to respond to an inclusive series of questions, on topics including revolution, business development, people administration, management, marketing procedures, and economic sustainability.

Winners will be exposed to the IABCA National Gala at the International Convention Center, Sydney on Friday 19th March 2021.  We are looking forward to celebrating our accomplishments at the forthcoming awards evenings.